Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

16.01.06 at 15:33 hrs

Weekly Report No 272, CW 2

From Monday, 09.01.2006 to Sunday, 15.01.2006
Apart from a really nice "afterburner" for New Year's eve delivered by Harry, it seems that very little is happening to the layout right now. If you look a bit closer though, or do some "backstage research", a couple of things emerge to daylight.
New Year Eve  in Hamburg

I received the following PN from Harry:

Hi Stephan,
I found the picture in the last report a bit boring. (Just) if you like, use one of mine, I took at the Landungsbrücken on New Year's eve. It has a stronger relationship to Hamburg.
A happy 2006 to all of you.Best regards

He is not *that* wrong; his picture is really great!

Deep insights into the new shopping center

New buildings are being prepared in the modelling department. The main project right now is a shopping mall with "deep insights"..

Illumination of the shopping center

Parts of the structure are currently illuminated;

The new shopping center

...others promise exciting optical effects..

Another new building

In addition to the glas-complex, other new buildings like the one shown here will provide athmosphere.

'Altona' terminus

And this is the construction lot in question: Our station Altona is currently under re-construction and receives a 'face-lift' !

Cardboard mock-ups in the Hamburg section.

Another building pit: The cardboard mock-up shows another building complex which is currently in the construction phase.

TV tower in the Hamburg section

This project, BTW, is responsible for the "relocation" of our TV-tower which originally belongs to the exhibition complex (for which we also have interesting plans - to be revealed in another report ).

The first building for the Alps extension

Applause!!! This is the first structure for the new Alps extension.

Pushbutton - action at the fun fair

It is obvious, even if don't see it at first glance:

Pushbutton - action at the fun fair

...something is moving!

Pushbutton - action at the fun fair.

Another push-button action compliments the Harz part.

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