Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

19.12.05 at 11:42 hrs

Weekly Report No 268, CW 50

From Monday, 12.12.2005 to Sunday, 18.12.2005
Shortly before X-max we received a very special christmas gift: Not only was the broadcast by Galileo extremely well done, it also contained three records! Which records these exactly are can be followed up on the model railroad record page(sorry, in german only). As a "Thank you" for our spectators we also have a special gift for all our visitors and fans. But this one will be revealed in the next weekly report... ;-)
A defibrilator for First Aid in the Miniatur Wunderland

Not only the record kept us busy last week. Another part of daily life in the Wunderland are regular training sessions as far as safety and first aid are concerned. This week we had a lesson about our latest piece of equipment, an AED (Automatic external defibrillator).

Training on the defibrilator

This device, powered by a rechargeable battery, is able to set up an electro-cardiagram by itself, analyze it, and put out exact instructions to the helping person. It is mainly used if a patient suffers from sudden disturbances of the heart rhythm which usually accompany a heart infarct.

Training on the defibrilator

One of the first 2000 AEDs in Germany is now permanently installed in the Miniatur Wunderland.

The TV-tower in its final location in the Hamburg section

But back to the modelling section. Hamburg has a landmark - a new one, but somehow not really new, because a look out of the window clearly shows: it already exists! ;-) But now, it also stands in the Hamburg part of the layout: Hamburg's TV-tower, named after the physician Heinrich Rudolf Hertz.

The ship after a spin at the wharf

There are also news from the waterfront: More ships have been overhauled ...

The ship after a spin at the wharf

and new ships have been built.

A new Canal Boat Tours ship is in service

Now the miniature tourists can enjoy harbor tours again.

The water-plane is moored to its pier

Hmmm, it floats but I wouldn't describe this vehicle as a boat:

The water-plane is moored to its pier

The water plane which can actually be charted just around the corner, naturally also belongs to the Wunderland.

Low tide on Denmark's beach

Recently in Scandinvia... Finally in the right place at the right time: The lowest tide we ever had! I just couldn't resist and had to capture this scene "for eternity"....

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