Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

05.12.05 at 11:49 hrs

Weekly Report No 266, CW 48

From Monday, 28.11.2005 to Sunday, 04.12.2005
2. advent and we had very important visitors from Austria! The six criminal investigators who solved the Märklin robbery flew in from Vienna. Their desire for a backstage tour was a "boss-task" by nature. The real surprise came when it turned out that all six of them visited the Wunderland at least once; one gentleman even five times! At that much enthusiasm for model railroading it is no wonder how these gentlemen could solve the case: Such a motivation really lends wings!!!
Freddy and Gerrit still dry and safe!

Talking about "boss-task": There is a radio station in Hamburg, Radio Hamburg, that organizes a nice little game called "drown your boss". The rules are simple: The boss of a company is called to the Radio Hamburg microphone by his employees and has to answer a question. The tricky part is: The whole thing happens 3 meters high above the swimming basin on the jumping tower and in full clothes.

Freddy and Gerrit shortly before getting soaked.

If the questions is correctly answered the whole teams wins a trip to a cart track, otherwise, the boss has to jump!

Even in spite of a correct answer, Gerrit dared to jump

The good thing was that there is very little space if the moderator is up there, too, so I was exempted (mean voices state that I'm afraid of water which I hereby definitely deny!!!).

Gerrit and Freddy SOAKED after the jump!!!

Freddy gave the answer and it was CORRECT! Apparently Freddy and Gerrit had a lot of fun and jumped nonetheless while our team gave a big round of applause.

The 'Lion King' harbor ferry

This object is the first step to a future intensive collaboration with our neighbour Stage Entertainment and the Miniatur Wunderland. Just to prevent eventual rumours: No, we won't build the "Lion King" tent since we simply don't have the space for it!

The water-plane

Hamburg citizins will certainly recognize this small airplane (the lettering is still missing)...

Car- and train-ferry 'Kronprins Frederick' in Scandinavia

Recently in Scandinavia...

Catenary in Kiruna

But there's more going on in Scandinavia: Kiruna currently gets the prototypical correct overhead catenary!

Catenary in Kiruna

This is a special edition by Sommerfeldt made exclusivley for us!

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