Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

21.11.05 at 11:58 hrs

Weekly Report No 264, CW 46

From Monday, 14.11.2005 to Sunday, 20.11.2005
Christmas is knocking at the door and consequently Santa will visit us on Wednesday, November 23! But anyway, this place is bustling with activity. So let's have a look at the details of the current projects:
Santa has arrived - at the Speicherstadt in the layout

Next week is the day: Santa will take our very personal whishlist!!!

A new engine for the 'Christmas Special'

Advent may come: Gitta finished the substitute for our 'Christmas loco'! Nonetheless, the shock about the 'disappeared' loco still hurts...

The 'Superfast' ferry for Scandinavia

A couple of days ago for a foto shooting:

The 'Superfast' ferry for Scandinavia

The "Superfast" is an enormous ship!

The 'Superfast' ferry for Scandinavia

This takes us to thw naval database which will be av ailable very soon!

The 'Superfast' ferry for Scandinavia

Currently the maritime team ...

The 'Superfast' ferry for Scandinavia

...collects all data to "feed" the database.

Work on the AOL arena

The renovation of the AOL arena is nearly finished!

The team bus of the 1. FC St. Pauli

While one team already arrived,

Box office of the AOL arena

and a couple of fans buy last minute tickets...

Police in front of the AOL arena

.. the police...... hat die Polizei

Police in front of the AOL arena

has their hands full...

Police in front of the AOL arena

at the main gate!

Construction site opposite the AOL Arena

Opposite the AOL-arena, a new pushbutton action was added. Ideas anyone?

The antennas on the TV tower

This foto, too, makes hope for a soon finished project: The "antenna forest" on the TV-tower is growing!

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