Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

14.11.05 at 12:02 hrs

Weekly Report No 263, CW 45

From Monday, 07.11.2005 to Sunday, 13.11.2005
Spectacular events lie ahead but first let's have a look at the last days.
The balloon of the NKL

Since today, Tuesday 11/15, ballonn riders can use a brandnew ballon, which is booked by the NKL Nordwestdeutsche Klassenlotterie.

The balloon of the NKL

Just like it passed by our windows during the summer, it can now be activated (by pushing a button) and sent up to the sky by our visitors.

The Quen Mary II is in Hamburg again

11/09/2005 09:07:12 hrs: The Queen Mary II arrives at Hamburg again - this time not to pick up passengers but for maintenance.

The Quen Mary II is in Hamburg again

During the next days this huge ship can be watched in the wharf of Blohm & Voss opposite the Landungsbrücken (there is, however, no chance to access it).

The parking lot in front of the AOL arena

Remodelling of the AOL arena...

The entrance of the AOL arena

is nearly accomplished.

New trees around the AOL arena

The most significant change...

New trees around the AOL arena made by the scratchbuilt trees (Nice job, Dietmar!) ...

New trees around the AOL arena

which were "planted" behind and around the arena.

The TV tower in the Hamburg section

After his vacations, Kai started working on the TV-tower again.

A concert hall in Scandinavia

The concert hall found a temporary place in Scandinavia.

The stage of the concert hall

The audience is a bit early ...

The audience in the concert hall

...since the roadies don't even know yet for which artist they have to set up the stage ;-)

The track-sections for the next world record

And now the reason for this report being late - it is ready since early Tuesday and waited to be published:

The track-sections for the next world record

These stacks of track assemblies piled up in our shops during the last days. Even if some guests nodded when they heard that we build subroadbeds for a new layout section, some reactions clearly showed that they didn't really believe us ;-)

The track-sections for the next world record

As rumour had it, we indeeed are preparing for a new world record but had to clarify a couple of things beforehand until we were able to publish details.

Odometer reading of a truck

And finally, we have a highlight for CarSystem - fans: The CarSystem database has a nwe feature! From now on the actual odometer readings of the day can be seen being updated every evening at 18:30 hrs! The data are automatically transferred from the Miniatur Wunderland to our webserver and updated in the CarSystem database.

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