Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

31.10.05 at 12:07 hrs

Weekly Report No 261, CW 43

From Monday, 24.10.2005 to Sunday, 30.10.2005

Knuffingen Observer

Knuffingen, Miniatur Wunderland
29. October, 2005

Scandal in the Miniatur Wunderland!

Friday noon, the 10/28/2005 the most severe incident in the history of the Miniatur Wunderland happened: Around 14:00 hrs Gitta (aka "Leitstand-Hexe" in our forum) noticed that something is wrong with the display cabinet in the main aisle. A couple of hectic talks and phone calls later, Gitta left the Miniatur Wunderland in tears: One of her "babies" had disapeared without a trace!

Gitta (aka 'Leitstand-Hexe')

From the archives:X-Mas Special

From the archives:X-mas Special created by Gitta

What happened?

According to eye-whitnesses the Canadian Pacific loco "Type GE AC4400 CW" of our Christmas train (Prototype: The Holiday-Train, run in Canada by Canadian Pacific) the engine was seen sitting in it's place yesterday between 17:00 hrs and 18:00 hrs. Not even 24 hrs later the engine had disappeared without a trace! Police in Knuffingen immediately inaugurated the special task force 2 and left no doubt that this incident marks the meanest type of robbery in the 5-year history of the Miniatur Wunderland.

This is the object:

Special marks:

  • A christmas tree and a wreath (both fitted with colored LEDs) in front resp. above the cab
  • About 300 LEDs, (yellow) as light chain (Building time more than 20 hours!)
  • Manufacturer: Kato, No. 37-6473
  • Canadian Pacific, "Golden Beaver Scheme"
  • Road-No. 9516 (printed in white on both sides)

If you know where this engine is, please inform the Knuffingen police (, the office of the Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg (Tel. +49-40-300 6 800), or, in a couple of days, any police station in Germany.

Hints that lead to a recovery of this unique engine will be treated discrete and will also be awarded with a yearly pass!

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