Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

17.10.05 at 12:12 hrs

Weekly Report No 259, CW 41

From Monday, 10.10.2005 to Sunday, 16.10.2005
Last weekend, the "Modellbautage" (Model Building Days) took place; a fair around model building and model railroading. We were also present with our booth and now are able to share a few impressions.
Loading the base frame for the fair booth...

Thursday, 08:00 in the morning. The last parts for our booth are loaded into the truck.

Setup of the fair booth

Still Thursday but a few hours later: The booth is growing. Maybe we should have gone for 4 meters instead of 5 meters in height ;-)

The booth is ready and the visitors can come in now

... Later again on Thursday: Done; the booth is set up.

The stage for our live games

A cinema will show our DVDs; we have our shop, the CarSystem and the stage for our action games.

The banner designating our booth

The other half of the impressive booth area ( 36 meters wide und 6.4 meters deep) is reserved for our model builders and technicians.

Our booth shortly after opening time

Friday, early morning: A few minutes after the fair had opened, the first visitors arrive at our booth.

Our 'Fair fairy'

"'Fair fairy' Nina fulfills 'nearly' all whishes in our shop....

The mobile CarSystem

... while the kid's eyes

Big eyes, as the vehicles started to move

are focussed

The mobile CarSystem

on the CarSystem.

Freddy delivers a speech at the fair

During the day we alternately entertained our visitors

The crowds at our booth

with the history of the Miniatur Wunderland (Freddy is seen above) and...


... action games for kids.

Games for young and old

Somehow, we should have known it beforehand: Holger (as a fun fair modeller) was a superb substitute for Uli who couldn't participate this year.

Everybody wanted to play...

Uli had an excellent excuse, though: His best friend got married the same weekend.

Gaston in his element: model building

Kids had high priorities over this weekend since they are the future of our hobby. Gaston gave hands-on clinics in scenicking.

The modellers' corner at the fair

The older ones had the opportunity...

Gitta always stays calm; even when hundred eyes watch her working.

to closely watch our model builders and also stress their nerves with questions...

The modellers' corner at the fair

During the weekend, several projects, like a "Halloween-Train",

The TV tower also made some progress at the fair

a maze, our TV-tower, and others were worked on.

Dietmar also is in his element

We'll have separate reports covering them...

Tear down of the booth

Sunday evening - tear down!

Stephan waits for the lift

A looong weekend lies behind us and the last case waits to be loaded. Next year, we want a booth in the ground floor again ;-)

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