Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

10.10.05 at 12:13 hrs

Weekly Report No 258, CW 40

From Monday, 03.10.2005 to Sunday, 09.10.2005
Today, we have a special report. This summer, a TV team worked on our property and shot a couple of scenes for the series "Die Rettungsflieger". Because of the openeing of the scandinavian part, I couldn't report back then. Well, let's have look the the film crew and their work...
Approaching SAR rescue helicopter

The SAR in the Miniatur Wunderland: In this part of the series the SAR lands on the parking lot to provide help for an inicident in the Miniatur Wunderland.

SAR helicopter

This were very exiting shootings and we are really keen to see the outcome!!!!

SAR helicopter approaching our parking lot

The first of three attempts:

SAR helicopter approaching our parking lot

They had one good point to them, though:

Landing SAR helicopter

Afterwards, the parking lot ...

A look from our window...

was absolutely 'dust free' ;-).

This is the car that belonged to the shooting

What the story is about?

Rolling cameras, police, and a st... car!

Of course, we won't tell you but it has something to do with this car.

Film shooting of 'Die Rettungsflieger'


Film shooting of 'Die Rettungsflieger'

public relations already told a bit of the story and so we can present the matching pictures, can't we?!

Film shooting of 'Die Rettungsflieger'

Somebody is 'arrested'

Film shooting of 'Die Rettungsflieger'

A few impressions

Film shooting of 'Die Rettungsflieger'

Seen from our window...

Film shooting of 'Die Rettungsflieger'

The chopper also needs the right light for the shooting

Film shooting of 'Die Rettungsflieger'

One of the police cars for the shooting

Gerrit as pilot? Will that work???

We narrowly escaped a major incident as these two "pilots" wanted to take off!

The SAR - team

Quite obvious that the shooting also took place in our rooms upstairs. The team around Oliver Hörner (Mecanic Jan Wollcke), Marlene Marlow (Emergency doctor Dr. Sabine Petersen) und Patrik Wolff (Rescue assistant Johannes von Storkow) had a lot of fun.

Take-off of the SAR

An exiting day comes to an end and the SAR is leaving.

Take-off of the SAR

Although this is not quite right:

Take-off of the SAR

The indoor shooting was done as it was getting darker outside...

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