Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

26.09.05 at 12:17 hrs

Weekly Report No 256, CW 38

From Monday, 19.09.2005 to Sunday, 25.09.2005
As long as there is no work on one of the main sections, it is always a bit difficult to discover something new. But the alert whitness always discovers minor changes in the Wunderland. after all, the motto is "A model railroad is never really finished..."
Hamburg's TV-tower

Our television tower nears completion. Since a couple of days the first TV and radio broadcasts can be watched and listened to. There is, however, a small bitter pill: Kai, who is building the tower, is off for 3 weeks holiday (I think, it's his first in a year), so future pictures will have to wait until Kai is back to work.

What's this going to be?

A very curious structure - the question is: What's it going to be?

What's this?

A small hint is shown in the right picture: These objects have to do with it.

The building is intended for Bergvik

And another structure but this one's purpose should be easier to guess. The stage in the middle can barely be overlooked ;-) Both structures will be located in the Bergvik area between port and town center.

Floating pontoons in Bergvik

Theses pontoons have been introduced in picture 2 of report no.254. Now they have reached their final location in the port of Bergvik.

The construction site by day

There are more projects that waited their time on our "To-Do" list and which are now tackled. Here's a nice "Before" and "After" comparison.

The construction site at sundown

Don't get distracted by the nice sunset. It is definitely not meant!

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