Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

19.09.05 at 12:20 hrs

Weekly Report No 255, CW 37

From Monday, 12.09.2005 to Sunday, 18.09.2005
This week, the emphasis is on the topic *work*. The outcome can be followed up below...
However, the author is just about leaving, so there wasn't enough time for intense work ;-)
The ferry in Scandinavia

Things start moving... Currently neither vehicles nor trains embark the ferry but : we work on it!

Building Hamburg's TV-tower

This "small something" also makes some progress...

Wood for the fireplace is made

Those working a lot ....

This is called *work* in the Wunderland!

(be it heavy manual work or sitting down and let the brain work),...

Fun fair mood

... are also entitled to party.On the other hand: In this case, some forumaniacs are partying which brings us to the question: When will the next MFM be staged? ;-) Hopefully not on a holiday?

Some things better be hidden

This gentleman, too, is working; so we don't want to disturb him!


This picture is a nice contrast to the last one. The question arises, if somebody just dropped his work, forgot it, or if this is a new working pit. We'll try to dig up the reason...

Beware!!! Snow removal can be dangerous!!

... Sometimes, work can be quite dangerous, can't it?

Speed restrictions in Scandinavia

This area was clearly "worked over". After all, this sign originally wasn't intended at all...

The exodus of the penguins

Since no job was found for these "gentleman" in Kiruna, they decided to emigrate. Are they going further north to Finland ...or rather south to Antarctica?

The water castle in Denmark

Well, 'nough done! The author drives down to the castle to pick somebody up. The princess there invited him to a "work-free" week, since she's freezing at home... ;-)

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