Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

12.09.05 at 12:21 hrs

Weekly Report No 254, CW 36

From Monday, 05.09.2005 to Sunday, 11.09.2005
What insiders feared for some time now, became true: For nearly one year we held the record for the longest H0 train. Last sunday, another effort was staged and the record was broken! A miniature freight train consisting of 528 freight cars ran 406 meters in the Elbe-Shopping Mall (EEZ) - 167 meters further than our train. To top it even more, the actual train is 1.10 meters longer than our train was at the Miniatur Wunderland record. However, this no reason to give in! There are already internal discussions about an adequate reply - let's see what will happen...
What else happened? Frank Zarges shot more than 150 - partly extreme - spectacular fotos! The slides will now be scanned and will show up in the gallery during october this year.
The church in Bergvik

Apart from structures like this modern church building in the center of Bergvik ...

The pontoons in Scandinavia

... or these floating pontoons which will find their place in the port of Bergvik this week ...

The modellers' workshop

... a long waited for structure struck my eye in the workshops. There is really the base of a tower waiting to be treated!!!

A heeling floating dock in the port of Bergvik

No, the floating dock is not leaking. There's a problem with the control of one of the pumps and consequently, the water cannot be pumped out of the rear chamber.

A heeling floating dock in the port of Bergvik

This is the reason why we have to reject any rumours which have been set up by our model builders: No, the parked car has absolutely nothing to do with the unbalanced position of the dock!

A dangerous parking lot

This picture shows that parking like this might be extremely dangerous; especially in a floating dock.

What's the police officer up to?

Hopefully, it doesn't matter that the police officer is wearing the wrong uniform - this scene is set up temporarily until the dock will actually work.

Pushbutton actions at the Kiruna mine

The ore mine at Kiruna has that many pushbutton-actions by now that we decided to provide this button-panel.

Container vessel 'Heike' for Scandinavia

And while container - vessel Heike awaits her assignment...

The contest for the crest of Knuffingen

... there is something new about Knuffingen: A contest to create a herald for Knuffingen. The three best proposals will get an extra special prize!!!

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