Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

05.09.05 at 12:23 hrs

Weekly Report No 253, CW 35

From Monday, 29.08.2005 to Sunday, 04.09.2005
It is time again for the long waited for weekly report! As promised, we have a couple of reveals...
In the meantime there are some rumour talks in insider-circles. We'll have more on that next week...
What else happened? Starting next week, Frank Zarges will be back to shoot new pictures for the "Eisenbahn-Kurier" special issue and the addition to the big Miniatur Wunderland book - moreover, the photo-gallery needs to be "fed"!
The accident

A note has been passed to us from usually wel informed sources that the truck crash in Denmark (we reported two weeks ago) was not caused by inadequate driving!
Our source: "I've been to Scandinavia yesterday. During my stay, I had the chance to talk to the truck driver. He was still very upset about the police's assumption that he could've been asleep at the wheel and that the MuWuLa reported the whole story via the internet for everyone worldwide to read it.
He assured me that he is a very alert driver (and not only since his touchdown in the trench). And if he had steered the truck into that trench while being asleep there wouldn't be any brake marking on the street. Instead, the driver stated, the accident happened due to the snaking street which made his truck sway which, in turn, was not managable anymore even in spite of counter-steering. I told him that not every truck goes down the trench at this place and he admitted that maybe he was just a little too fast. Nonetheless, he is not to blame but instead he blames it on the well known time-pressure that is constantly put on truckers." Will this case be opened again? From the authorities we just got a "No comment, we investigate this case...". We'll keep you posted!

An accident in the containerport of Bergvik

Scandinavia-expert Thomas K. (some will know him from one of our "Backstage tours"), told me the following immediately after the report from two weeks before:
I refer to WR 32/5000, topic 5 where sabotage or looting is assumed. Instead of assumptions, I have a couple of facts:
No Scandinavian port has a container x-ray station like you find it in the Hamburg port. Nonetheless, Scandinavians don't like to let unchecked merchandise into their country. Controls, however, should be fast and efficient.
An x-ray station would be too expensive for small ports and the unemployment rate has to be kept low. Conclusion: To check a container, it's doors are opened. Then it is lifted at the opposite side and thus the contents is completely visible (not just on a flickering screen like in Hamburg but in real). If cigarettes should have been hidden in the back of the container, they are clearly visible on top of the heap and can easily be confiscated (the tideous and time consuming procedure of the Hamburg Customs Authority to take the container to the x-ray station AND eventually discharge it manually to get to the hidden cigarettes is not nessessary).
After the check, using manpower, the container is loaded again. This is an additional effort compared to Hamburg but maybe this also is an explanation why there aren't 5 million unemployed in Scandinavia:-)

The World Record certificate

Now it is OFFICIAL!!!! It is documented but read for yourself:

Guinness World Records Certificate
The longest model train measured 103.59m and consisted of 584 cars and was constructed at Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg, Germany, on 19 October, 2004.

The Golden Book of Knuffingen now published in the net

News from Knuffingen: Knuffingen citizens are exited over the freshly published Golden Book of their town.

The weather report for Knuffingen is also online

It can be found in the Town-Portal Knuffingen. Moreover, from now on the Knuffingen weather is online - will there ever be some rain?

Smugglers between Hamburg and Denmark

+++ Smugglers uncovered? +++

The Hamburg police doesn't have a clue! Shortly after the opening of the frontier between Hamburg and Danmark, an eye-witness saw smugglers who brought alcohol into the area of Padborg on some shady and narrow paths. How could police and customs overlook this threat?

A couple underneath a boat in the underwater world of Scandinavia

Movement is not confined to the border! A couple of days ago, this boat simply dissapeared. The in the boat, freshly in love, obviously didn't pay attention to the crossing traffic. How long may the air under the boat reach? Will both of them make it back to the beach?

Ambulance on duty on the suspension bridge in Scandinavia

Even more movement: Hell broke loose on the bridge! Recently Padborg and Bergvik signed a treaty about mutual help in case of a catastrophy.

Ambulance on duty on the suspension bridge in Scandinavia

Since then, ambulances cross the bridge on a minute-wise schedule...

Deep down in the mine of Kiruna!

Living and working underground or on the verge? Both alternatives are not that far away as this picture shows quite impressively!

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