Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

22.08.05 at 12:27 hrs

Weekly Report No 251, CW 33

Montag, 15.08.2005 bis Sonntag, 21.08.2005
Happy Birthday Miniatur Wunderland!
4 years are a long time and the more surprisingly it was that all our expactations, hopes, and dreams were topped. The downside of this success: Not only the visitor numbers were considerablöy higher than expected, but also the costs exploded. The originally thought-off crew of 20 - 30 associates evolved into a bunch of 120 employees...
The town-portal of Knuffingen in the internet

Just in time for it's 4th anniversary, the town of Knuffingen boasts it's own web-portal! The first version of it (in german only) can be seen here: Town-portal Knuffingen.

PC board to locate the ships

This is one of the various PC-boards to be built into the layout for the ship's navigation system. Since we don't really mean that our associate Axel O. has to drill more than 300 holes and solder wires through them, we outsourced that tideous task. This board comprises of more than 320 elements that Axel had to fit in. Soldering is done in our new oven.

Truck crash in Denmark

+++ Truck crash near Padborg/Danmark +++ In the early morning hours this truck crashed into the embankment near the Danish/German border enroute his way from Padborg to Hamburg. According to the Danish police the driver was simply too tired to drive.

The wharf of Bergvik

Bergvik Waerft AB -

The wharf of Bergvik

Next week we'll have a closer look at this dock.

The containerport of Bergvik

Trouble in the container port of Bergvik: It is assumed that either some nosy folks pried the container open or that it is an act of sabotage...

Sumo wrestlers on Denmark's beach

Lots of action on the danish beach:

Anglers on Denmark's beach

While the anglers barely catch fish during low tide, a show event of the two japanese sumo wrestlers "Haschimoto Ito" and "Jakuzzi Tada" takes place on the end of the beach.

Golfers in Scandinavia

Is it really allowed to play golf here?

Golfers in Scandinavia

Certainly golf is hip in Scandinavia but here...?

The lighthouse including helicopter in the North-East Sea

The "company vehicle" of the lighthouse keeper - I think, in future I'll also work on an island ;-)

Submarine in the Scandinavian basin

The Wunderland as an orakel? I'm absolutely sure that this "object" was tied up in the chains before the incident of the russian submarine.

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