Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

15.08.05 at 12:29 hrs

Weekly Report No 250, CW 32

From Monday, 08.08.2005 to Sunday, 14.08.2005
"When I think about Scandinavia, I see water, coastline, beaches, fjords, huge suspension bridges, fishermen's villages, and ships."(Unfortunately, we couldn't trace back who so joyfully uttered these words!!!)
Well, said and done... Can't be that complicated, can it? Just build a small basin, fill it with water and let a couple of ships go round circles ... very easy !!! Or not ??? Well, not that easy: the small basin evolved into an water-area of more than 80 sqm with lock, river, and a waterfall. Oh yes, and since we were at it, a tidal simulation....
Ships' staging area

The main basin needs 30,000 liters of water, including the ship's staging area. Separated by a lock from the smaller basin, the main basin is treated to permanent tidal changes.

The buffer basin to simulate high- and low tide

For this tidal simulation, about 2,500 liters of water have to be pumped from the buffer basin in the 3rd floor to the main basin in the 4th floor. The time allowed for this action is 8 minutes. To make it a little more complicated, no tidal currents are allowed in the main basin since the ships react very sensible to those currents...

The control station for the sensors

The basin is modelled using polyfibre, resin and a special foam. It is seamlessly integrated into the surrounding scenery and thus a too high waterlevel would be absolutely deadly for the scenery since the plaster would simply soak up the water and the scenery destroyed. To maintain controlled waterlevels in all basins as well as in the river and waterfall, one of the latest developments in SPS-Control is supervising and monitoring all sensors, pumps, valves, coolers and cleaning systems. The self-developed software controls all pumps using frequency modulators and thus not only simulates a perfect tide but also keeps all water levels with a tolerance of a millimeter…

Waterline sensors

To control the water levels, we installed 29 sensors and 2 floating sensors which measure in the millimeter - range.

Floor humidity sensors

In case of a leak, the floor is protected with 50 humidity - sensors.

A valve to regulate air humidity

In addition we installed hygrometers, water- and air temperature meters, pressure sensors for filters, and backlinks for more than 30 valves.

The pumps

In case of a leak or a technical emergency an automatic emergency procedure is fired off. Four heavy-duty pumps empty the complete basin in about 6 minutes... This lets all of us sleep a bit calmer.

The filters

Environmental protection is a prime topic in our company. To clean the water, we don't use any chemicals; instead we use UV-light and sand filters.

The cleaning unit for the water from the Scandinavian basin

And we take that a step further: Since drinking water is a valuable stuff, we will use the water from the layout to flush the toilets. One can easily imagine how much water can be saved, considering the number of daily visitors...

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