Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

18.07.05 at 12:37 hrs

Weekly Report No 246, CW 28

From Monday, 11.07.2005 to Sunday, 17.07.2005
Pre-release, an update will follow beginning next week!

Finally, time had come: In the presence of the diplomatic corps (for Denmark Councellor General Niels Steen Hoyer, for Finland Councellor General Mikko Jokela, for Norway Honorary Councellor Prof. Dr. Horst H. Siedentopf, and for Sweden Councellor Gunnar Dannerljung) and a lot of press, Hamburg's first mayor Ole von Beust started the scandinavian layout by pushing the famous red button and handed the layout over to the public.
Since 12:35 hrs, the layout is open to the public...
The mayor's speech at the opening ceremony

To begin with, our first mayor delivered a superb speech.

Our mayor opens Scandinavia

Again: many many thanks for your motivating words!

The present for the Scandinavian section

Then we received a very special present which certainly found an approbiate place here:

The present for the Scandinavian section

The ICE "BestZeit" (best time) is a present from DB - Railways CEO Hartmut Mehdorn and minister of traffic Manfred Stolpe to the town of Hamburg, remembering the official opening of the new racetrack Hamburg - Berlin (12/12/2004) and now found a new home!

The opening ceremony

The honorary guests (from left to right: Hamburg's First Mayor Ole von Beust, behind him Gerrit Braun, Honorary Councellor Prof. Dr. Horst H. Siedentopf, Councellor Gunnar Dannerljung, Honorary Councellor Niels Steen Hoyer, Protocol of the Senate-Chancelery Ms. Nadja Ouagueni, Councellor General Mikko Jokela, Simone Ollesch of the Senate Chancelery's press office, Frederik Braun (his back only), State Councellor Dr. Volkmar.

The opening ceremony

With his right shoulder only: Stephan Hertz ) were whitnesses as Ole von Beust pushed the famous red button and thus blew "the odor of life" into the Scandinavian layout section.

The Hamburg mayor observing the ferry

During the following tour

Roundtrip through Scandinavia with the mayor and Freddy

through the Scandinavian section

The mayor and Freddy in a small talk

around the layout were lots of

Interview with the mayor during the opening ceremony.

opportunities for smalltalk, fotos, and interviews..

Scenes on the layout

And here some more pictures:

Where is this windmill located?


Scenes in Scandinavia

from Scandinavia.

Scenes in Scandinavia

Guess, in which regions of Scandinavia

Scenes in Scandinavia

these scenes are located.

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