Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

04.07.05 at 12:40 hrs

Weekly Report No. 244, CW 26

From Monday, 27.06.2005 to Sunday, 03.07.2005
The finals are on: time for guys and girls with good nerves! An important basis for good nerves: suitable nourishment!

If we look at pictures 2 and 3, we can see that good nerves are vital in this stage...
Nerve Food for the coworkers of the Miniatur Wunderland

Chocolate, the soul teaser...

Seen from outside, it is made of cocoa powder, fat, and sugar in their different varieties. At a closer look, the ingredients of chocolate are phenomenal, a reason why one can get addicted to it if too much is consumed. Sugar increases the serotonine-mirror; a good mood sets in. Fat releases endorphines and thus bring energy. Chocolate contains phenyläthylamine, an ingredient that is set free in our brain when we are in love: It simply makes us happy, if not euphoric. Theobromine which is also contained in cocoa, makes us alert and increases the concentration abilities. This stuff is a relative of caffeine (If you'd like to chew on a piece of chocolate to wake up, the best to choose is bitter-chocolate with a concentration of cocoa). Last not least chocolate contains magnesium which is part of the serotonine-production.

The Scandinavian basin

After the basin had been measured and Gerrit ran a couple of tests, the shock sat deeply: The previously defined depths and radii were not always kept! Conclusion: parts of the ocean ground had to be cut off to hold the required water depth (17 cms - 6.7 inches - at low tide).

The Scandinavian basin

Alternatively, the ferry could only run at high tide which, on one hand, would be realistic but the timing and programming work would be more than tideous and simply not feasable. Alone the calculation of ships crossing the ferry's path would blow all capacities...

Ship staging area

Since we're at the water anyway: here one can see how we try to avoid heavy currents by incoming fresh water. The tubes evenly distribute the water. The same tubes have been built into the main basin, only that they are hidden under rocks and in ditches so they are not visible from the visitor's side.

The river gorge behind Bergvik

And once again water (real stuff):

The river gorge behind Bergvik

The river valley behind Bergvik pased it's test: it holds the water!


Another "wet" view: only this time, it will be model water (made of resin)...

Denmark's beaches

The danish coast will be finished today,

A house at the Danish shore

so we'll have to postpone the detail-fotos until next week...

Storks live in Denmark, too

In the meantime, we can watch a few nesting storks.

A pushbutton action in Kiruna

A push-button action near Kiruna: Heavy duty machines at work.

Catenary in Kiruna

What else is there to be said about Kiruna? The catenary is ready BUT: we will receive a special production by Sommerfeldt which unfortunately is not yet ready. So, this area will have to be re-worked later on.

Kiruna mine

A mine train will run here later on.

Staging area for the CarSystem under Scandinavia

For a layout-part that was not intended to have a car system, the staging area offers plenty of space :-)) There will definitely be enough rolling material to be loaded onto the ferry!

Fine tuning the track diagrams in Scandinavia

Last week, Dieter Hinz (Railware) dropped in and, in cooperation with Dag, fine-tuned the programming for the train schedules.

What's this?

Hmmm, what do we have here? Readers are invited to discuss this question in our forum.

'Flying Dutchman' in Sweden

Recently in the arctic sea...

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