Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

27.06.05 at 12:42 hrs

Weekly Report No 243, CW 25

From Monday, 20.06.2005 to Sunday, 26.06.2005
We had a couple of exciting days, like watching the SAR helicopter right in front of our doorstep. Detailling works in Scandinavia are well under way and trains are chased over the tracks on a nightly basis.
Movie shooting in and around the Miniatur Wunderland

After the opening ceremony for Scandinavia we'll dedicate a complete weekly report to the TV folks, especially the very exciting landing of the helicopter...

The church of Altenfelde

""The village should keep it's church" - An insight that led the MiwuLa Bahn AG to reinstall peace in Altenfelde.

The church of Altenfelde

The church just "moved" a bit and to make up for all the hassle, the church became a new copper roof.

Denmark's scenery

And while the final touches take their time in Denmark ...

Ocean ground in the basin

... the ocean ground

Ocean ground in the basin

...receives more and more details.

Port area of Bergvik:

Bergvik's port area

Bergvik's industrial area

A small overview

Bergvik's industrial area

Just established: a small packing company

Bergvik's industrial area

which actually is brandnew since the workers are still painting it...

Bergvik's industrial area

Other parts in this area already look a bit worn down

Bergvik's industrial area

as is obvious in this picture.

Bergvik's industrial area

Many more small and also delicate details are hidden in this area of Norway..

Yet another moose?

Only one thing came to my mind when looking at this picture but I also let the reader guess...

A small farm in Sweden


Always keep a snow shovel handy in Sweden

... in white -

A Swedish wedding

Greetings from Sweden!

Isn't that  Pipi Longstockings

Ah, and then we had.... But where do we place Taka-Tuka land?

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