Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

20.06.05 at 12:44 hrs

Weekly Report No 242, CW 24

From Monday, 13.06.2005 to Sunday, 19.06.2005
Scandinvia, we're coming! No signs of hectic yet but bheind the scenes, the excitement is sensible. Schedules are reworked, projects are finished on a daily basis, and tasks are delegated...
Detailling the underwater world in Scandinavia

Detailling the underwater-world is well under way. Water plants still pose some minor problems but these wil certainly be solved in a couple of days...

Dunes on Denmark's beaches

The beach in Denmark is reworked once again. The water used to creep up right to the dunes which was not really the effect we wanted...

The mainline Hamburg- Padborg

After the new track Hamburg - Padborg had been laid out, we can now announce that traffic is ready to roll on all tracks!

The mainline Hamburg- Padborg

Every night, test runs are performed to eliminate every possible flaw.

The house of the 'Railing-Gods' in Scandinavia

Remeber the Pro7-contest where the construction of a private scandinavian residence in the Wunderland was the goal? On Friday, the house have been set into mthe scenery in front of rolling cameras. As soon as the surrounding scenery has been smoothed out, we'll have a closer look at them. As soon as we know the broadcast date for the Pro7-report, we'll send out a newsletter...

Port of Bergvik under construction

Some projects that are still under construction: The port at Bergvik, ...

Frozen bushes in Kraehelund

Kraehelund - the valley that separates Norway from Sweden (showing frozen bushes here),

The Polar Sea of Sweden

the Polar Sea,

Bergvik's industrial area

or the industrial area close to Bergvik station.

Mining in Kiruna

On the other hand: the detailling of Kiruna is nearly finished.

Kiruna mine

Oh, well, look at picture 10: somebody forgot to inform the miners that daylight mining stopped "a couple" of years ago in Kiruna.

Mining in Kiruna

But: how else should I explain to my kids...

Kiruna mine

... what life was like in Kiruna in those days?

Sleigh ride

Speaking of kids: Seeing this, I sureley want to be a child again!

A stable in Scandinavia

Luckily, the child (and the crib) are missing, otherwise, we most certainly would be in a totally wrong region...

Ice anglers

Right region or not... a couple of curious things are possible in the Wunderland - like this push-button action where ice-fishers have their own special problems....

What's up here?

And what do we have here?

And what's that going to be near the mine?

Well, and then there was that mine. I won't disclose any more about it this week to leave some space for speculations...

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