Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

13.06.05 at 12:49 hrs

Weekly Report No 241, CW 23

From Monday, 06.06.2005 to Sunday, 12.06.2005
This report certainly has been waited for! The opening date for Scandinavia is nearly fixed: Beginning/end of July the feast will be kicked off! As soon as the exact date can be determined, we will send out a newsletter!

There are more exiting announcements: Coming week the separating wall between Germany and the water basin will come down and the final touches will be added to the ocean ground in the basin.

What else happened? We finally agreed on the names for the numerous villages and towns; more of that later... Let's have a look at Scandinavia.
The concrete bridge with the line Hamburg - Padborg

The concrete bridge with the new track between Hamburg and Padborg (Denmark) makes good progress. In a couple of days the first trains will run.

The lighthouse on the island amidst the North-East Sea

The rocks are prepared and coming week,

The rock scenery in the Scandinavian basin

the correct shade of paint will make them look (almost) real.

The canal in color

What is missing in greater depths, is nearly finished in the canal: the right color!

The mine in Kiruna

That this is Kiruna, should be clear to everybody by now, but...

The town of Bergvik

... the more difficult was the decisiion of this town's name.

The town of Bergvik

The building style resembles Bergen, but the function of the port didn't allow this name. Consequence: This town is now named Bergvik ;-).

Remaining gaps are closed...

Many "white spots" in the scenery have been filled in the meantime (as here in Flåm).

Remaining gaps are closed...

Only a few corners ...

Remaining gaps are closed....

...are left here and there.

Reindeer in snow covered Sweden

There are numerous reports about strange encounters up in the north...

The ship in Sweden's Polar Sea

... because up there sightings of a ghostly ship have been made!

The staging area underneath Bergvik

And finally a look underneath the layout: While the staging area in Denmark is already well filled, the tracks are still cleaned by the work train underneath Bergvik.

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