Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

06.06.05 at 12:51 hrs

Weekly Report No 240, CW 22

From Monday, 30.05.2005 to Sunday, 05.06.2005
Slowly, but constantly the exitement is building up. After all, we are in the end stadium for Scandinavia!

The final date for the opening ceremony is still not fixed but one thing's for sure: we could open beginning July.

Oh, I also have an announcement to make: Studio Hamburg will be our guest the 24th June and film part of the series "Die Rettungsflieger", therefore our parking lot will not be available this day and the Wunderland will close one hour earlier than normal.

'nough of talking and down to the pictures of this week:
Knuffingen's ladder after a short

On May 23, 2005, the fire brigade Knuffingen was called out to it's saddest incident so far: The alarm called for "FEUKFZ", truck burning in the re-charging station Knuffingen. On arrival, the firefighters found a really desastrous picture: After 1377 days in service and roughly 29000 duty calls, the ladder 2 was on fire.

New and old ladder in comparison

A shoirt in the battery caused the incident in the first ladder prototype. It was still a bit "high-heeled" since the processor had to be relocated under the "tool trunk".

The new ladder for the fire brigade of Knuffingen

This ladder's last assignment was brigade 2 after it had served brigade 1 in the center of Knuffingen for 1 year. It is now displayed in the musuem for Knuffingen Histoy.
In the meantime, Gerrit built a new ladder which took over no.2's duties!

The 'bridge-track' between Germany and Denmark

The new concrete bridge connecting Germany to Denmark is ready.

German/Danish frontier

Just before we reach Danish territoy, we also can see a building from earlier reports: the frontier shack is now in place.

Laying track to Scandinavia

The paint is barely dry and already the track gang is busy laying the track to Denmark...

Additional work on the basin

The additional works on the ocean's ground have a couple of reasons:

The foundations for the pontoons

The water spouts have to be hidden (pic. 7 front), improvement of scenery (pic. 7 back), and new foundations for the piers are needed (pic. 8).

Power packs for Norway

n Norway, the technicians are currently busy to check current supplies, ...

Testing the turnouts

...turnout functions, and track sensors...

Detailling the port in Norway

... while in Norway the scenery is constantly detailed,

The weather station in Sweden well as the weather station in Sweden,

Platform at Kiruna station

...or the platforms at Kiruna station

LKAB engine for ore duties at Kiruna

The purpose of this LKAB - loco close to Kiruna should be obvious...

Kiruna mine

Quite a lot has happened...

Kiruna mine

again in the Kiruna area!

Houses between Norway and Sweden

These houses are located at the river symbolizing the frontier between fall and winter.

A building for Bergvik

Hmmm, where will this "monster" be located?

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