Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

30.05.05 at 12:53 hrs

Weekly Report No 239, CW 21

From Monday, 23.05.2005 to Sunday, 29.05.2005
Finally: The gap between Germany and Denmark is about to be closed! We also turn over one of last week's pictures and have a look at it's back side ;-)
Remodelling the North-Sea for Scandinavia

To connect Denmark to the German section, a lot of the existing scenery behind the Köhlbrand bridge had to be removed.

Remodelling the North-Sea for Scandinavia

BTW, the curch is really gone but Gaston assured us that he took every measure to avoid too much damage during "demolition",

Remodelling the North-Sea for Scandinavia the church can be rebuild at another place...

The shepherd with his sheep in Denmark

Every scenery needs animals -

Deer in Denmark

be it Denmark...

Rock scenery at and in the North-East-Sea

... or, across the "NorthEast-Seas" ( which currently is emptied again to to finalize the work on the ocean's ground) Norway,...

Reindeer in the snow covered plains of Sweden

... or the flocks in Sweden's wintry...

Reindeer in the snow covered plains of Sweden

...snow and ice scnery.

Rangers care for wild animals

It is important that the animals have enough food.

Feeding place in Sweden

Rangers tackle this task here.

A bit slippery in Sweden...

There's a lot to do, so let's get cracking! A phrase that's not only valid for rangers and oil companies!

The riverbed under construction

This riverbed is prepared to contain real water.

If it doesn't look as good as expected, there's always plan B which means using clear resin...

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