Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

23.05.05 at 12:56 hrs

Weekly Report No 238, CW 20

From Monday, 16.05.2005 to Sunday, 22.05.2005
The main topic this week is Kiruna. This is where the iron ore in Sweden is mined and transported to the ports of Narvik in the north and Lulea in the south.
The mine in Kiruna

Kiruna, the mining site.

Test fitting the mine structures in Kiruna

The structures are not exactly positioned yet,

Test fitting the mine structures in Kiruna

but they already look mighty impressive.

Ore plant in Kiruna

There are 3 ore processing plants in Kiruna (the prototype) but we only have enough space for one of them. Here, the ore is formed into small balls in those huge drums.

Pellets made from ore

After that, they go into an oven and are baked into pellets at 1.250° centigrades. The pellets then are loaded onto trains and transported to the ports.

The ore dock in Scandinavia

As with the prototype, the ore is transported to the port where it will be transloaded to ships.

Genuine ore from Kiruna

Well, for those who ask themselves how to create these realistic looking ore hills in a port; here's a tip for you, guys: In the port of Hamburg is a huge storage area of Kiruna ore. Those who do a bit of begging, are allowed to collect some of this stuff and take it home. Nothing is more realistic than the real thing :-).

The port in Norway

Since we are in the port area anyway,

The port in Norway

...we can look around a bit....

Detailling the town

... and also walk through the town where ...

Detailling the town

...little craftsmen (and -women) are busy with the detailling.

The valley of changing seasons

Back to Sweden, we come across a valley where the "season - change" will take place...

The Ice-hotel in Sweden

... and are a bit puzzled about just how many ...

Details around the ice-hotel

...details can be packed into a bare snow - scenery.

Freight shed with forklift for Scandinavia

In the meantime, a warehouse was built in the shops. The clou: If a button is pushed, the forklift actually starts to run!

Dunes in Denmark

And here's one for the way: There are romours that the danish dunes are not really suitable for youths to wander about. Even for adults it is quite difficult to find out what really happens there - Predicate : well hidden!!

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