Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

16.05.05 at 12:57 hrs

Weekly Report No 237, CW 19

From Monday, 09.05.2005 to Sunday, 15.05.2005
It's been the time again: Water, as far as the eye can see....

But not only the water was fascinating; Gerrit started a couple of tests with his team, which also attracted the crowds.
Filling the basin

Slowly but surely, the basin fills,

Filling the basin

being watched closely by our critical eyes.

Filling the basin

A complete fill-up from zero to high tide takes at least 12 hours.

Coastal landscape in Scandinavia

Above the waterline....

Coastal landscape in Scandinavia

...and along the shores....

Underwater world of Scandinavia

... as well as below water level, the sculpted scenery gives the whole thing a complete new ambience.

Underwater world of Scandinavia

Watch out for whales!

Ship staging port in Scandinavia

The staging areas for the ships (so called "shadow ports") and the lock are now fully integrated.

The lock in Scandinavia

All in all, the basin uses more than 30 cubic meters of water, weighing more than 30 metric tons.

Grade crossing in Scandinavia

Working on the details continues, as well as the work on the special effects.

The couple

Many of them can only be seen during a backstage tour.

Functional tree house

One of the new special effects ...

Functional tree house

is a boy climbing up this tree.

Functional tree house.

It is one of the new pushbutton actions.

Test-fitting the ore mine in Sweden

Structure tests in Sweden. Here, the topic "ore-mining" will be realized on the surface as well as below the surface.

Ship control tests

Well, as it is a nice picture to look at, we have a couple of impressions...

Ship control tests

...from the tests around the ships' control.

Ship control tests

Currently, the ships are still controlled by radio control ...

Ship control tests order to get a hang to the ships' behaviour...

Ship control tests the currents and ...

Ship control tests

to find flaws in the basin's design.

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