Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

09.05.05 at 13:00 hrs

Weekly Report No 236, CW 18

From Monday, 02.05.2005 to Sunday, 08.05.2005
It is the port anniversary in Hamburg; just one more reason to have a look at Hamburg! Apart from the buzzing harbor we also have some new impressions from the scandinavian part. Next, we have a review of the Dortmund fair since in the meantime, we received a couple of fotos in which we played a small role.
Lock in Scandinavia

The long-term test showed that we had to re-work the lock's doors. The oak-portals worked that much that we had to re-enforce them with brass as otherwise a functional working order could not be established.

Lock in Scandinavia

The canal-connection is also ready, so we can start the first ship tests.

Traffic signs for Scandinavia

Traffic sign forest in -

Traffic signs for Scandinavia

pardon me - for Scandinavia.

Traffic signs for Scandinavia

A viaduct spanning the seasons

This viaduct spans one of the most complicated scenes in Scandinavia. To the left, fall dominates the landscape while to the right bitter cold winter is ruling. Quite tricky to realize a satisfactory transition...

Houses in Norway

"'Living is good in Norway!' "

Houses in Norway

or should it better be

Houses in Norway

'Nordic by nature!'?

Are there more fairies in Scandinavia?

Not only trolls but also elves belong to the nordic mythology and fairy tales. However, nobody knows if all this really belongs to myths.. Not long before, more than this elf were sighted in the Wunderland.

Swedish winter...

If houses are heated for a longer period, snow starts to melt first at the chimneys, right?

Meet Mr. Moose!

A moose in the backyard.... or ist the A-class???

Railroad territory behind the port area...

Railroad territory behind the port area...

Scenery in Denmark

It seems that Denmark grew quite a bit over night... Who wouldn't like to have a couple of square acres for his hinterland?

Innovention award model railroads 2005 for the Miniatur Wunderland

Intermodellbau Dortmund - Presentation of the "Innovationspreises Modellbahn" (Innovention award model railroads)

The MOBA (Modellbahnverband in Deutschland e. V.), together with hundreds of guests celebrated it's 1oth anniversary this year. At this opportunity, th Moba - in conjunction with the Eisenbahnkurier and the MIBA - presented it's innovention award model railroads for the first time. With this prize, a kind of "Oscar" for the model railroad scene, the MOBA honors unique presentations of manufacturers and service companies. The following companies and institutions were honored:

"Messe Westfalenhallen Dortmund", "Gebr. Fleischmann", "Weinert Modellbau", "Auhagen", "Lenz Elektronik", and the Miniatur Wunderland:

This said the Eisenbahn-Kurier: Who thought a couple of years ago that a model railroad layout could be one of the greatest tourist attractions? It wasn't much more than a spleen - but the team of the Miniatur-Wunderland managed to realize it. During the last years, a miniature world came to life in the Hamburg Speicherstadt which already attracted more than two million visitors. Never before had such a widely spread audience access to model railroading. This, in turn, initiated a presence of model railroading in the media never seen before; be it TV, newspapers, or periodicals. The whole genre profits from this one of a kind form of promotion." Many thanks for this great honor!

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