Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

02.05.05 at 13:09 hrs

Weekly Report No 235, CW 17

From Monday, 25.04.2005 to Sunday, 01.05.2005
We hope, everybody had a nice 1st of May. Before we go back to Scandinavia, let's have a look at Magdeburg where we presented a small booth.
This is Uli!!!

Those having good friends don't need enemies, right Uli? :-) Impressions from the weekend at Magdeburg.

In the backyard of Scandinavia

Now off to Scandinavia:

Farm in Scandinavia

Chicken and geese have to be taken care of.

Farm in Scandinavia

Apples have to picked, and...

Farm in Scandinavia

how about a bit of cabbage or salad?

Post office with farmer's market

Houses and scenery are inspired by nature.

Gardening in the Miniatur Wunderland

This young man takes care of his lawn. Hopefully he knows that the lawnmower will never make it through grass this high...

A station building in Norway

This depot will be placed behind the ore-loading dock in Norway....

Washers to hold the roof down

... which also is under construction. Just to make it clear: the washers are not part of the building, they are simply used to hold the roof down for a perfect joint while the glue hardens .

The houses flanking the bascule bridge in Scandinavia

Left and right of the bascule bridge are now structures...

The houses flanking the bascule bridge in Scandinavia

which we already saw in the workshops.

Ancient rock drawings in Scandinavia

Long ago, we also presented these ancient rock-drawings.

Ancient rock drawings in Scandinavia

They, too, are now integrated into the scenery.

Norwegian mountains

The norwegian mountains -

Norwegian mountains

it is bitte cold, windy,

Norwegian mountains

and sometimes even dangerous here!

Danish catenray

The overhead catenary in Denmark also nears completion.

'Our'Padborg station in Denmark

Currently the station, which also somewhat changed it's look, is fitted out.

What's this????

Oops, what's this again? Regular readers will have to go back in memory a looong way... ;-)

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