Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

25.04.05 at 13:11 hrs

Weekly Report No 234, CW 16

From Monday, 18.04.2005 to Sunday, 24.04.2005
Among others, one topic of this week is the water supply for Scandinavia. It is also advised to grab your sunglasses and a warm jacket before we have a look up north.The announced filling test for the basin will have to wait another couple of days but we'll deliver pictures as soon as the test is on.
The buffering basin for the tide simulation in Scandinavia

This basin in the 3rd floor is a buffer which holds the water being pumped off the big basin upstairs to simulate low tide. To simulate high tide, the water is pumped back into the "North-Est-Sea" in the 4th floor. The difference in tide levels for the "North-East-Sea" (which holds 30,000 liters or 9,740.26 gallons) is about 4 cms or roughly 2 inches. To achieve this difference, we need about 5 minutes to pump off roughly 2,500 liters (or 811.69 gallons) of water. On top of the basin cover, the pumps and filters will be installed.

The plumbing for the water circulation in the Scandinavian section

Another important thing: the water pipes for the water circle.

The plumbing for the water in the Scandinavian section

The pipes are routed under the ceiling to their positions underneath the water basin in the 4th floor.

First test of the bascule bridge

The first tests with the large bascule bridge are very promising...

Pontoons for the basin in Scandinavia

This picture shows floating pontoons which will be tied to the pier.

Pier in Scandinavia

They also look and work ver promising.

The island right in the middle of the North-East Sea

We've seen this island before, haven't we? The black "stump" to the left is the base of a lighthouse. After all, we don't want our ships to go ashore at night...

A cemetery in Denmark

Seasons, a problem? Yes and No.

Greenery around the water castle in Denmark

We're the Wonderland and here it is possible that in Denmark the grass is a bit greener....

Fall in Norway

... while in Norway

Fall in Norway

the leaves slowly fall to the ground, ...

Snow-covered tracks in Sweden

.. and at the end of our trip to Sweden it gets bitter cold.

Snow scenery in Sweden

Bad luck for those...

Ice-hotel in Sweden

...who didn't put on the sunglasses ...

Snow scenery in Sweden

...and the winter jacket, ;-).

First accidents in Sweden

The driver of this car certainly didn't have his sunglasses on!

Firs for Sweden

Currently, more trees are being produced as scenery without firs is just an icy ocean.

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