Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

18.04.05 at 13:13 hrs

Weekly Report No 233, CW 15

From Monday, 11.04.2005 to Sunday, 17.04.2005
The finishing touches to Scandinavia? Or: We want to see water in the "bathtub"!
The basin in Scandinavia

The most obvious progress is made under water.

The basin in Scandinavia

Next week, the basin has to be filled again, and therefore, high pressure is on the finishing processes for the ocean's ground.

Building Norway...

While work seems to be quite "relaxed" in Norway...

The snow-scenery in Sweden grows

... a couple of things

The snow-scenery in Sweden grows

happened in Sweden!!

Ice-hotel in Sweden

Be it ice-hotel or snow covered scenery, this area developed rapidly during the last days.

Preparations for Sweden

This is made easy due to pre-building most scenes and structures off the layout. So, most of the trees and structures are already finished and just need to be properly placed and worked into the layout.

The stave church in Norway

ther areas also received new objects. There is a typical wooden church and...

Troll cave in Norway

...a troll-cave in Norway.

A Norwegian village

As already mentioned, pre-fabrication this remarkable progress. As an example, this norwegian village is just being wired and will later fit into the layout as a whole.

Wiring the hotel

Talking about wiring: we already presented the post office/hotel which also is in the wiring department now.

A four-track bridge for Scandinavia

We are really excited wether this bascule bridge will serve as reliable as required later on. Four tracks cross a canal and the bridge has to open in order to let ships pass underneath it. The bridge is made from brass and still awaits the paint job.

Container vessel for Scandinavia

This nice container vessel is just one of 20 ships that will go to water during the next weeks/months.

The new loco repair shop

Last, we peek around the corner of the central command stand where the last "working pit" is udner way now. This new room will be the new repair shop for the layout's rolling stock. It will have a glas front, so visitors are able to watch Renee (our shops master chief) take care of locos and coaches.

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