Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

11.04.05 at 13:15 hrs

Weekly Report No 232, CW 14

From Monday, 04.04.2005 to Sunday, 10.04.2005
While slate and sunshine do the honors outside and the waiting area inside is still unused during school holidays, the landscape in Scandinavia is growing to near completion. The underwater world should be completed until next weekend so we can stage another test and fill our "bathtub".
Rocky ocean ground

Typical riffs are built at the norwegian shores.

Rocky ocean ground

The mixture from styrofoam and resin is great to model with.

Rocky ocean ground

It will later be painted using pigments

The suspension bridge in Scandinavia

Forum members already know it: the work on the large suspension bridge is nearly finished.

Anchor for the suspension bridge

What do you think: how big is such an anchor?

The gorge behind the bridge

Behind the suspension bridge we created a gorge which can be observed through two smaller bridges once it is ready.

The port of Norway under construction

The port in Norway...

The canal in Norway

...and the adjoining canal also made a lot of progress...

The creation of a town in Norway

This will be a small village in Norway.

A disturbing pillar...

There is a column right amidst the scenery. It will be covered up a bit by simply building a modern office building, roughly 1 foot high.

Wheelchair race in the Norwegian mountains

Last week, in the norwegian mountains... I just hope that nobody gets hurt...

Sweden under construction

To finish this report, just a peek to Sweden.

Sweden under construction

Still some work to do but scenery will come fast...

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