Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

04.04.05 at 13:17 hrs

Weekly Report No 231, CW 13

From Monday, 28.03.2005 to Sunday, 03.04.2005
As you might have noticed, our photo database was down for a couple of hours but now everything is in working order again... Easter season is over and so are the school holidays. This means, we can concentrate on Scandinavia again. Thanks to the holidays and some sick-reports we didn't come as far as we intended to but luckily we are able to deliver some new pictures:
Kits made by Faller

You remember last week (pcis 7 and 8)? This is the solution: These buildings are not commercially available as kits. They have been kitbashed from a couple of Faller kits.

Kit-bashed Faller houses for Scandinavia

It is an interesting example of how to build completely new structures from readily available kits and thus bring some variety to the layout.

Wires to hold the suspension bridge in Scandinavia

The monster-bridge gets its suspension wires now.

Wires to hold the suspension bridge in Scandinavia

The small wires (pic 3) will be hooked to the main wires and the street level.

Denmark's chalk coast

A hilarious stairway has been built at the danish chalk-coast - nothing recommendable for people who are afraid of great heights...

Greenery in Norway

Scenicking Norway. Hundreds of trees fight for (artificial) sunlight.

Greenery in Norway

. The good news: they don't need a scaled-down time to grow; otherwise we wouldn't be able to keep our summer deadline :-)..

Country roads in Norway

Hiking Norway's...

Country roads in Norway roads...

The waterfall in Scandinavia

Some progress at the waterfall - scene, too: The mountain slopes show structure and even some color.

The port in Norway

The port in Norway - here we see the crane which we introduced last week.

Travelling overhead crane in the port of Norway

Using the electro-magnet, we can load and unload goods cars.

Flood protection wall in Denmark

Good news for Danmark's coastal residents: After all, the flood-protection wall is finally being built...

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