Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

28.03.05 at 13:18 hrs

Weekly Report No 230, CW 12

From Monday, 21.03.2005 to Sunday, 27.03.2005
Easter! Time to search for easter eggs, party, and for a nice big easter fire...
Easter fire in Hamburg

Straight down to business: Easter fire in Hamburg!

Easter fire in Hamburg

It's party time again in Hamburg and in the meantime the question arises if we shouldn't narrow the main aisle between Hamburg and America a bit in order to accomodate a piece of Elbe - beach....

Policemen - really human...

Oh, looking at this picture : I think, these gentleman are not allowed to do this! :-D

A portal crane for the Norwegian port

While the Wunderlanders party, the mechanics and electronic shops were busy developing and constructing. A couple of examples are:
A fully functional crane bridge - it will take up work in a norwegian port.

Car tuning for America

Styled and tuned racers which most probably also run on nitro. We wonder if this allowed in Scandinavia. Hopefully, this will be clarified very soon, otherwise they'll be placed somewhere in America. In Germany, this tuning definitely is not allowed....

A bascule bridge

A 4-track (!!!) and fully functional bascule bridge which will span the canal in Norway and grant the ships priority.

Houses out of the box?

House construction, but not out of the box, it?

Houses out of the box?

Hmmm, are there manufacturers for these structures? These two buildings will be placed behind the main station in Norway.

Danish catenary

Impressionen from Denmark: finished Catenary,

Kids playing

Kids playing,

Part of the Danish port

and an unusual view into the port of Denmark.

Danish village

This is the last village to be completed in the danish part. It is located in the in the middle of gradient to the Danish-Norwegian bridge.

Rural station in the Norwegian mountains

Impressions from Norway - a small branchline station in the mountains,

Fishermen's village in Norway

an aerial view of a fishermen's village,

Monument in Norway

and the monument which we saw earlier this year...

CarSystem- staging area

Carsystem Scandinavia - the staging area. Admitted: it is a lot smaller than the one in America, but now all speculations can stop: There will be a (small) Carsystem in Scandinavia....

Norway's mountains

The mountains in Norway still grow (up to the ceiling ;-) Das Gebirge in Norwegen wächst (bis an die Decke ;-)! This picture also shows one of the bridge heads for the bascule bridge mentioned in article 2...

Easter fire

Well, time to pack my stuff. If you look out for me, I'll be here...

Happy Easter to everybody!

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