Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

28.02.05 at 13:28 hrs

Weekly Report No 226, CW 8

From Monday, 21.02.2005 to Sunday, 27.02.2005
The changes in Scandinavia are quite obvious. A couple of trees really make a difference...
Behind us lies the week producing the most significant changes and the following pictures seem to tell us that the deadline of summer this year may be kept...
Scenery in Scandinavia

Wether in the plains,....

A town in Scandinavia

... in town ...

Detailling the port

... or in the port -

Detailling the port


Detailling the port

new details abound.

Trees for Scandinavia

Trees live up every scene and...

Trees for Scandinavia

...lead to the most obvious changes in scenery.

Building streets and houses along the Norwegian shores

The norwegian coast also makes good progress.

A bridge on the Norwegian coast

Bridges, Houses. and streets form the character of the scenery.

The lock in Scandinavia

The lock will bridge the difference in scenery height between the canal and the sea port.

Mining in Scandinavia

Almost a logical consequence: a waterfall with real water will supply water to the canal.

Trackage to the piers

This is the place where some time in future trucks and short trains will be transferred onto a ferry and continue their trip seaways...

Construction progress in Scandinavia

Although it still needs a good portion of phantasy: This will be the coldest place of the Wunderland.

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