Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

21.02.05 at 13:32 hrs

Weekly Report No 225, CW 7

From Monday, 14.02.2005 to Sunday, 20.02.2005
Scandinavia now almost every day changes it's outfit and once again, we will proove that also in the old parts, we try everything possible to present new impressions to our visitors:
Test track for the Maglev

A view into our "Test Lab for Technical Improvements and Inventions" reveals that we work on the new MetroRapid - trackwork.

Test track for the Maglev

. Currently, the brass track is our favorite.

Ferris wheel at the fun fair

The fun fair at Bad Klosterberg in the Harz mountains boasts a new attraction. A ferris wheel with (hmmm.... how many LEDs might be mounted ?) all it's LEDs sure attracts attention.

Elephants in the zoo

There were times, when elephants learned to shake their head and wiggle their tail... This is the elephant that shakes his head - it's a pushbutton - action, of course.

The open air theater

The open-air theater is back! The new season showing Romeo and Juliet under the Hermann-Monument is a real blockbuster. After a successful premiere, the show now daily attracts lots of visitors. We're still waiting for the soun system though which is still in the testing phase in the american part of the layout. After all tests are finished, we will install the sound system in the older parts.

Staging areas in Scandinavia

This week Wolfgang finished the last staging yard for Scandinavia.

Mining in Scandinavia

The scenery also made progress.

Mining in Scandinavia

Harry puts on several square meters...

Mining in Scandinavia

...of plaster every day.

Benchwork for Sweden

At the same time our carpenters continue setting up the risers and work their way towards Sweden...

What's this?

Oops, ...

What's this?

...what's this going to be?

The port in Denmark

To conclude this week's report, ...

The port in Denmark's a view to the port area in Denmark...

The port in Denmark

...where Cat is working on the small details.

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