Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

14.02.05 at 13:34 hrs

Weekly Report No 224, CW 6

From Monday, 07.02.2005 to Sunday, 13.02.2005
It simply had to happen: Guest number 2,000,000 entered the sacred halls the 10th February, 2005 at 10:57 am. Also this week: many new pictures from Scandinavia!
The 2.000.000 visitor

With the press constantly swarming around him, Dietrich S.

The 2.000.000 visitor

(Pilot with Air Berlin) acknowledged receipt of the owner's certificate for the premises Parkstrasse 2 at the Süllberg, Hamburg Wunderland,

The 2.000.000 visitor

a monster marcipane cake, and his lifetime entry pass.

The 2.000.000 visitor


The stave church of Heddal

That's what we all waited for, didn't we? The "Heddal Stavkyrkje" - the wooden stave church of Heddal. Once there were more than 750 churches of this kind and in the Wunderland we added the 33rd of the remaining 32 churches.

The stave church of Heddal

This largest one was first mentioned 1315 in a historic document.

Houses for Norway

Mass production - to the left houses for Norway,

Station platforms for Denmark

to the right platforms for Denmark...

Denmark's shores

The view over Denmark's coast line reveals...

Denmark's shores

that the work made really great progress in this part of the layout.

Norwegian mountains

Norway's mountains...

Norwegian mountains

on the other hand,

Norwegian mountains

just start showing a glimpse of

Norwegian mountains

their future character.

The artist

An unknown artist at the creation of his masterpiece.

Corrals in Scandinavia

Which animals might be loaded here in the future?

A river in Denmark

The river in the danish flatlands is finished and detailed.

Biker club meeting in Denmark

Hell broke loose at the beaches: a bikers club pulls up!

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