Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

31.01.05 at 13:38 hrs

Weekly Report No 222, CW 4

From Monday, 24.01.2005 to Sunday, 30.01.2005
At least one of the riddles was a bit more difficult.... I admit: it was a small shock for me to learn how fast the replys to the first riddle came in - maybe we just built it a bit too close to reality... ;-). In this context it is remarkable how many people sent their reply by eMail instead of using the forum where we regularly discuss the actual weekly report... Apart from the latest fotos about the scandinavian contruction site there finally is again an upload gallery for visitor fotos. Users may post fotos of the layout here to share them with the public. Interestingly enough, the security feature, I built in to remove fotos not belonging here, is also used to remove fotos of very poor quality. Not really intended by the author but may be not such a bad idea at all?

It is - of course - a cow-shit lottery.


This feast is the successor of the x-mas market in Hamburg.

Open air theater under construction

This picture shows a backstage scene of an open-air theater under construction....

Miner's village in Scandinavia

This village has been inspired by the ancient miner's village Røros.

Miner's village in Scandinavia

This much-visited national monument was founded in the middle of the 17. century. Workers of the copper mine built it; amongst them many germans.

Miner's village in Scandinavia

First bushes in Denmark

The first bushes grow on Denmark's plains.

Ship staging in Scandinavia

Shadow-ports, that's what the 'artificial term' is, we agreed on in the meantime for this one-of-a-kind staging yard.

Ship staging in Scandinavia

All ships will be staged here and called out by the computer, if needed...

A valley in Scandinavia

A small river will accompany the tracks in this valley.

Plans for Denmark and Finland

In Sweden / Finland the track plans are laid out and the risers and subroadbeds are now sawn out.

Norwegian tracks...

A view over the tracks in the norwegian section.

Canal works in Scandinavia

Canal works to the lock which...

Canal works in Scandinavia,

...will connect in picture 13 left bottom...

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