Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

17.01.05 at 13:44 hrs

Weekly Report No 220, CW 2

From Monday, 10.01.2005 to Sunday, 16.01.2005
The new outfit and the changed menu functions of the internet site has been thouroghly discussed in the forum; so we can now focus on Scandinavia again and have look what happened during the last few days.
Scandinavia: Overview

This is a try to give an overview over the scandinavian construction site,

Scandinavia: Overview

a really difficult task considering the size.

The piers with the concrete flooring

This will be a container terminal. The piers along the waterside are built from concrete elements, however, we already noticed that the concrete needs to be painted a much lighter color.

Concrete elements for the pier

This picture shows a study to see how the gaps between the concrete elements will look like.

Greenery in Denmark

Gras grows in Denmark!

There is less gras underneath the bridges

Well, not everywhere...

Greenery in Denmark

...there's not really much grass under bridges...

Brick plant in Scandinavia

To ensure further deliveries of the Wunderland with bricks, this company moved to the german-danish border. It shouldn't be too difficult to know where it was located in the past...

Tracklaying in Norway

Wolfgang is busy laying track ...

Tracklaying in Norway the Norwegian part of the layout.

Ships return bowl in Scandinavia

The turning bowl of the real-water canal will soon be ready to be coated with glasmats and resin.

Wooden framework for the Scandinavian mountains

At the rear of the layout, the mountains will again reach up to the ceiling in some parts. Depending on the location, a wooden support -

Steel framework for Scandinavian mountains

or sturdier supports as seen in this foto - are needed. This is where the ship's staging yard will be concealed.

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