Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

10.01.05 at 13:46 hrs

Weekly Report No 219, CW 1

From Monday, 03.01.2005 to Sunday, 09.01.2005
While everyone patiently awaited the weekly report, a small innovation explosion took place behind the scenes of our internet site: Currently, some forum users are busy to test the overhauled homepage. If all goes well, the site will be ready to be presented next week.
Renewal of our homepage

To recuperate a bit for the late report, here's a preview of the new optical impression: the most signifcant change took place in the menu on the left side which now presents itself as a pop-open tree structure.

Homemade trailing driver

Last week, Arne very rightfully recognized that this trailing drivercar is not part of the starter set. A lot of kitbashing and scratchbuilding is required for it, and Gitta and Jens are really proud of it.

Building the harbor area of Denmark and Norway

The first harbor areas are developed...

Building the harbor area of Denmark and Norway

in Denmark's and Norway's coastal areas.

The hole for the lock

The hole at the beginning of of the canal will receive the sleuth.

Low staging area

This is the reason for the deeply buried staging area:

Two stacked staging areas

There's a second one on top of it - more precisely: The turning bowl for the canal boats will be built on top of the staging areas...

Building the Norwegian coast

In the meantime, ...

Building the Norwegian coast

...Harry is busy modelling Norway's coastline.

Setting up the Scandinavian villages

Villages and farms are erected in the danish plains.

The Storebelt bridge in Scandinavia

The view along the sheer endless bridge ...

The Storebelt bridge in Scandinavia

...spanning the 'NorthEast Sea' is really impressive.

Ships staging area

The outer walls of the ship - staging are ready so that now we can start the work on the inner 'tub' .

Tracklaying is next!

As soon as Wolfgang has completed the helix to the staging under the canal, Sweden's tracks can be laid out.

The christmas market is still busy

It's about time to say 'Good bye' to this picture. All Santas will be off to the north pole very soon and only few christmas trees are still lit.

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