Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

27.12.04 at 14:01 hrs

Weekly Report No 217, CW 52

From Monday, 20.12.2004 to Sunday, 26.12.2004

An eventful year ends - it is time to make up a balance:

The biggest novum this year was the refurbishment of the third floor. The refurbishment brought a lot of novelties with it and made a stay with us a lot more comfortable. Wider aisles, better gastronomy, and the larger shop plus a wardrobe offer a lot more comfort than before.

The preparations and the start of the Scandinavian section also initiated some attention. Let alone the discussion and the planning resulted in more than 200 themes with more than 1300 contributions, a result that really shows off.

We must not forget to mention our move to our root-server which has been completed in the meantime.The increase in performance is most significantly experienced in our forum where a new online record (approx. 110 user on Monday, 12/20/04 - 23:26 hrs) had been set up.

And the preview for 2005? Already in January we will have a visitor upload-gallery again and we discuss wether or not we change the menu of the homepage.

The next weekly report will be uploaded in the coming year :-), more precisely on Monday, the 3rd january, 2005. We whish all our readers a happy new year and a successful start into 2005!

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