Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

20.12.04 at 14:02 hrs

Weekly Report No 216, CW 51

From Monday, 13.12.2004 to Sunday, 19.12.2004

Shortly before christmas we turn away from Scandinavia and have a look how the guys at the Wunderland experience their X-mas. Like every year, there are many X-mas specials to discover in the Wunderland. We wish you all a very merry and quiet christmas, Merry Christmas from the Wunderland!

The Christmas Special

...then four, then Santa's at the door. Hmmm, which comment has the author's 5-year old daughter? "

The Christmas Special

"...... 'if the 5th car burns, you just slept over christmas, dad' - Let's hope that Santa didn't hear that... ;-)

The X-mas market at Altona Station

Like every year, there is the christmas market which this year is located in the Hamburg section near Altona station.

Christmas tree sale

The Wunderlanders buy their trees at the merchant they trust.

One Santa is seldom alone...

What kind of event is this? A Santa-demo? A Santa company trip?

One Santa is seldom alone...

The hotel manager didn't want to disclose any information..../p>

Christmas trees

All over the place the Wunderlanders decorated their trees.

Christmas trees

At day and night the scenery is touched up with ...

Christmas trees

...illuminated christmas trees which create the right athmosphere.

The christmas tree of castle Löwenstein

The landlord of castle Löwenstein in Knuffingen put up an enormous tree. It was imported from the United States and heavily decorated.

Christmas in St.Christian

Even solemn villages like St. Christian live truly up to the season.

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