Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

06.12.04 at 14:07 hrs

Weekly Report No 214, CW 49

From Monday, 29.11.2004 to Sunday, 05.12.2004

This evening (Monday, 6th December) will be D-day for the filling test of the scandinavian basin. How it worked out will be shown in the next Spiegel-TV report as Marte Spörl and his team will attend the test and tape it for the rest of the world.

The 'Christmas Special' train

Advent, Advent, a bobber burns, first one, then two ....

The Scnadinavian basin

The first tests for the underwater-world design look quite promising.

Denmark under construction

More and more holes simply vanish in the Danish part.

Denmark under construction

If you listen really carefully, you can even hear the gras growing!

Denmark under construction

Quite seemingly, spring is coming soon to Denmark!.

Atlantis under Scandinavia

No more chance to hide it: For a long time, our forumaniacs have been left in dark territory and yet the solution has always been present in the forum. The idea of having a railway tunnel under water had been picked up and was realized. The problem simply was to connect the track to the rest of the layout, since lying this deep, a connection was simply not possible. So we needed a suitable scenario: Who can swear that there is no successor of Atlantis? One thing is fact : They are here in the Wunderland, the inhabitants of Atlantis!

Curse of the Caribbean

This should solve the mystery of the mouse hole. Some higher power obviously forgot to pull the plug for these guys. The result somehow reminds of 'The curse of the Caribbean' ;-)

Building the long bridge in Scandinavia

The view to Noway. Connecting to the long bridge is the ramp which adds another 6,85 meters (22.5 ft) to the bridge.

The chalk coast of the Baltic Sea

The chalk coast of the Baltic Sea

Ship staging under construction

The view into the ship junk, errr, no,..... rather the ship-staging yard shows: Here also the signs promise storm.

Scandinavia under construction

The view to the opposite side shows that obviously the basin underwent some high-pressure work, whereas the adjacent scenery didn't really change much.

Las Vegas

Hmmm, just shortly I stated that America is ready. Barely mentionted, model builders and electronic freaks name me a liar and erect the second entry to the MGM hotel which also received the correct (and illuminated) name sign.

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