Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

29.11.04 at 14:08 hrs

Weekly Report No 213, CW 48

From Monday, 22.11.2004 to Sunday, 28.11.2004

Back home again and first thing to do is to look after Scandinavia. Watch out, the changes once again are enormous!

Low tide in the Speicherstadt

To raise the tension a bit, we look out of the window first. If you compare this foto with the ones from report (1. & 2.) of the 212. week, one has every reason to be astonished.

What is this?

The 'pipe' subject will probably stick with us forever but those visiting us beginning December...

What is this?

...will most probably be able to solve the mystery. Or not?

What's going on here?

Hmmmm, what was that story about the mouse hole? No specific intention for it but what the heck is hiding in there?

Dunes under construction

The dunes at the Danish beaches are currently covered and modelled with plaster.

Construction of the basin

The water basin is nearly ready to be filled for a first test.

Construction of the basin

The front glazing is still missing but the rest of the basic work is done.

Construction of the basin

After the test (leak or no leak; that is the question ), the modeling part can start.

Building the large bridge

The pylones of the 8-meter bridge are sky-rising.

Stations in Norway

The first stations are built into the Norwegian part and wiring them is also completed.

The 'Christmas Special' train

Advent, Advent, a bobber burns. First one...

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