Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

15.11.04 at 14:12 hrs

Weekly Report No 211, CW 46

From Monday, 08.11.2004 to Sunday, 14.11.2004

211, the unfinished... After some 'anxious' forum members presented this report as 'sneak preview' I lacked the time to compile a completely new one and thus the half-finished report is published 'as is' while I'm writing the 'fair - report' ( 212 ) which also will be posted with 24 hours ;-)

Las Vegas at night

Las Vegas at night. In the meantime, all projects are definitely finished and the view is overwhelming!

Las Vegas at night

It is simply impossible to show in fotos what really happens in town since even your own eyes can't follow all the blinking and flickering lights.

Ancient years?

Oops, it seems that a wrong picture made it's way into the report... On the other hand, this is suspicious, isn't it? I mean, it would be the first time, in the history of weekly reports that a wrong picture emerges. Now we really look into a tube, eh ? :-)

Sculptures for the ice-hotel

A quick glance up north; or better say, into the modelbuilding department:

Sculptures for the ice-hotel

Ice sculptures which will find their places in front of the Swedish ice hotel...

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