Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

08.11.04 at 14:14 hrs

Weekly Report No 210, CW 45

From Monday, 01.11.2004 to Sunday, 07.11.2004

Again, there are lots of things going on simultaneously but we are used to that in the meantime. While one team takes the mobile Car-System layout to the TV-set for the Tiger-Enten-Club (TV-dates are here), the preparations for the Modeling fair Hamburg (19./20. & 21. November) are under way and somehow there was a construction site which also needed our daily attention and care...

Altenfelde on strike

EXTINCTION OF ALTENFELDE ? The new track causes heavy clouds. After the shocking announcement that the church has to make way for t a modern concrete bridge, one of the major employers, the brick works, faces extinction. The anxious citizens now form daily protests and voices call for a life-guarantee for Altenfelde.

The wonder of the pipe?

The wonder of the tube? Forumaniacs still wonder about the (see our Forum) purpose of this tube...

The Scandinavian basin

The preliminary work for the underwater scenery is nearly done and very soon the test with real water can follow up. Will it hold the water?

Do we already have mice in Scandinavia?

Do we already have mice in Scandinavia? I can say one thing: it is no technically needed hole... ;-).

Denmark's shore line

The coastal scenery of Denmark. You already can see the wash-outs of the yearly floods in the dunes. Right behind the dunes ther's an area with vacation houses which are closely related to an extra-ordinary fate.

The first house in Denmark

The first house in Denmark stands.

House construction for Scandinavia

In the meantime, more houses are built. This is a beautiful example with a tin roof!

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