Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

01.11.04 at 14:15 hrs

Weekly Report No 209, CW 44

From Monday, 25.10.2004 to Sunday, 31.10.2004

There's a load of pictures about the new building phase but we still can't help setting new accents in the older parts of the layout, too. As is adequate for halloween, a new scene emerged...

Halloween in Schwarzbek

In Schwarzbeck, an American moved in who's job is to help with the excavations of the somewhat curious find in the area of the street refurbishment. Just in time for October 31st pumpkins lit by candles were seen.

Norwegian fisher island

No farmer's paradise...

Norwegian fisher island

(remember the photos of last week?),

Norwegian fisher island

but merely a Norwegian fishermen's island that will be positioned directly into the water...

The Scandinavian basin under construction

...and thus the mystery...

The Scandinavian basin under construction

...of the rock...

The Scandinavian basin under construction

... seen in pict. 7 is also solved.

The Hafrsfjord monument

The monument at Hafrsfjord, where king Harald united Norway also finds a place on our layout.

A hollow path?

A hollow path??

The lock

The large lock which shuts off the canal from the open sea,

The lock

...already leaves a good impression.

Lock wall

The heavy oak lock doors are fully functional.

Gaston builds the ramp for his huge bridge

Gaston builds the ramp for his huge bridge

Rock barrier in the basin

This rock dam (or barrier) is just high enough to let ships slip over it. Why do we build it?

A station for Norway

Two stations for the Norwegian part...

A station for Norway

...are also under construction.

Staging yard in Scandinavia

These two staging yards are completely built in and wired, and lighting is also provided.

The riddle

Now the riddle of pic 11 of the last report should be clear. It's the former German-Danish border ;-).

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