Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

27.09.04 at 14:23 hrs

Weekly Report No 204, CW 39

From Monday, 20.09.2004 to Sunday, 26.09.2004

Sometimes, I just don't get the grip on the topic "art" but how else are controversy discussions about this topic initiated every now and then? What I'm talking about? A quick glance at pic 8 of this week tells the story... ;-) But before we tackle the topic of art, we have some pictures with insights about the actual standing from the Wunderland:

Basin sub-construction

Here we see the walls ...

Basin sub-construction

which will carry the water basin.

Staging area for Scandinavia under construction

A new staging area was begun. It will find it's place in Norway. For safety's sake the wooden construction ist treated with fire - protection paint.

Protests of coastal inhabitants

It had to come: Just after having been informed what will happen to their village, the coastal inhabitants started the first protest actions.

Protests of coastal inhabitants

The new plans call for space, so the church has to make room for the right-of-way from Hamburg to Denmark...

The G-Move in Hamburg

The picture at the Landungsbruecken changed dramatically over night. Thousands of ravers flooded the streets and celebrate the G-Move which is the Hamburg counterpart to the Berlin Love-Parade. 5 trucks attract the crowds.

The G-Move in Hamburg

Participating are the Tunneltruck, a truck of the discothek "Schallwerk" and a truck of the disco "Voilá", in which the legendary EFX Club took place every saturday. The trucks are not yet wired but as soon as that is finished, the installed lights will provide the right athmosphere.

Art in the Speicherstadt Hamburg

Curiosities around the Speicherstadt, part 2. Somewhow we just couldn't trust our eyes when we saw the new surprise of this week: Is this a house occupation of the former customs station? ... Rumour has it that this is not some new kind of housing project in the port area but merely an object of art. The settlement on the roof of the former customs office is part of the exhibition "Border Walks"...

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