Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

20.09.04 at 14:26 hrs

Weekly Report No 203, CW 38

From Monday, 13.09.2004 to Sunday, 19.09.2004

Those who studied the trackplan for the Hamburg - area in 2002 and looked a bit closer, will note that something is different in the finished part. Right, the "SMS-Highrise" was still missing. This white spot on the map has now vanished. While we are continuing work on the Scandinavian section, very funny things get under way in front of our doorstep. Therefore, today we will have a look out of the window and present a curious object:

The 'Yellow Bin' in the Speicherstadt

That much effort for just one day?

The 'Yellow Bin' in the Speicherstadt

BTW: This is the world's largest 'Yellow Bin'...

The 'Yellow Bin' in the Speicherstadt

located at our front door on Friday.

The 'Yellow Bin' in the Speicherstadt

It is 12 meters high (39.37 ft), but from our window it looked somewhat "cute" ;-).

The 'Yellow Bin' in the Speicherstadt

And what's all this for?

The 'Yellow Bin' in the Speicherstadt

It was the "European Recycling week 2004" and the bin was intended to promote the recycling of packing materials...

Scandinavia under construction

We reviewed the plans for the water basin and will build something different than originally thought of. The free standing construction had it's advantages but now we will set up a couple of walls which will also provide adeqaute protection in case of a leakage.

Illumination of a building in the Hamburg section

Since 5 weeks, the "House of Teachers" is gleaming full power in the Hamburg-part. The original is located in Berlin, Alexanderplatz. The illumination of the building was a apresent of the Chaos Computer Club for their 20th anniversary and was presented from September 21, 2001 until February,23 , 2002. This project, aka „Blinkenlights“, was a simple "must have" for us. After several weeks building it, 144 windows are now equipped with single lamps, so that now the so-called "Blinkenlights-films" can be played. For starters, "just" the films will be shown but soon we'll have an interactive connection. Then our guests will be able to play a game of "pong" on the walls using their cellphones. SMS-greetings may also be shown on the window-front.

Illumination of a building in the Hamburg section

Highlight: At the Blinkenlights Homepage is a small freeware program with which the user can create his own Blinkenlights-film. Feel free to send us your own creation to: blinken(at) We will show it for a couple of weeks or even forever on our "House of Teachers", depending on the creativity..

An amateur's picture

An anonymous amatuer photographer sent us this picture. Unfortunately, it is not quite clear what he documented and to make it worse, the photographer can't be found anymore - we will follow up this matter and keep you posted.

Wood for Scandinavia

Countless risers have been cut to dimension in Scandinavia and wait to be fitted in.

Fire-protected wood for Scandinavia

Don't think, we go completely crazy and start painting wood in invisible sections. This stuff is fire-protection paint : Safety first!

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