Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

13.09.04 at 14:27 hrs

Weekly Report No 202, CW 37

From Monday, 06.09.2004 to Sunday, 12.09.2004

This is the promised report by Sven: Something changed and nobody noticed it! :-( This is why you get a report from behind the scenes by the technicians :-)! As you all might know, the entire layout is surveyed by more than 130 cameras and no limit in sight!

The control stand

This picture shows our control stand with the large video switchboard (to my right) and the single rack contained the complete switch hardware! This monster is now history(sniff...).

Wiring of the video switch

It cost us a lot of work and sweat and was a true companion for some time, but you know how it goes: the layout just grew out of it and we needed something bigger!

Video control board

It is hardly believable but this small board can control all cams and monitors which are now all together wired to the small balck boxes shown in the right pciture. This is a so-called cross-rail! No, nothing to ride a train on but one for video-signals.

The cabinet at the control stand

With this device, one is able to switch every input (cams) to every output (monitors) or just one input to all outputs!

A cross bar for video signals

The cross-rail is a system 9740 by Pelco! They are a quite big company from America and their equipment can be found in virtually every store and airport! Over here in Germany, we are the only ones to own a cross-bar this size.

A cross bar for video signals

Just to name the most important data: 208 cam inputs, 32 outputs for monitors, up to 10 users, two PC ports, so Gerrit's software can be controlled via the cross-bar, it features control of remote cameras and hot-swapping. To top it off, it can be extended to 256 inputs which we definitely will need!

The cabinet at the control stand

This is a view of the back of the cabinet: Where there's a lot of tecnical stuff, there's a lot of wires!

The cross bar's wiring

The cross-bar is wired from behind. One can see that we didn't use all sockets but it won't be long before the Scandinavian section will be connected and space will be at premium!

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