Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

06.09.04 at 14:29 hrs

Weekly Report No 201, CW 36

From Monday, 30.08.2004 to Sunday, 05.09.2004

Fasten seat belts: here's the next report. How can that happen? Easy: All actual reports are written by several authors: no. 200 & 201 by Jens Körner, Sven Hinzmann is just working on # 202. On top, the "House of Teachers" : Blinkenlights, is ready and will have it's own report. Typically for all projects, Gerrit is involved by creating a massive amount of functions which overwhelms everybody, including the author who had to stage an extra foto-shooting... ;-) Enjoy!

The 'Scandinavian' room

Another bad try to capture the size of the room which will house the largest part of the MiWuLa. Remember: The room will never again look that "empty"...

Thomas, the tank engine, at test runs

Thomas, the tank engine, is seen here doing her rehearsels. Shortly, it will be seen in regular service in the american part, not 100% prototypical but a favorite of the kids and those who take the "Wonder" in Wonderland by the letter.

Denmark's coast

These pics remind us of our last Denmark-vacation. This is just a test for a foto-shooting. Looks quite Scandinavian, doesn't it?

Log cabin for Denmark

BTW, the log cabin is for rent...We have a booking cancellation for the period 12.- 19. October. In case you're interested, just give our office a ring ;-)

Trains in the station

Some guests noticed that not all trains were lit. We're working on it! Even night trains get lighting, like the TEN in this picture.

Lighting the trains

Those who think "Lighting a sleeper train is nonsense..." should have a look at this by night. Gitta (right) provides the prototypical illumination.

Plate for decoders

And once again a quick glance to Scandinavia: This is board with decoders for turnouts and train control; everything is neat and clean, just as you like to have it at home...

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