Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

30.08.04 at 14:31 hrs

Weekly Report No 200, CW 35

From Monday, 23.08.2004 to Sunday, 29.08.2004

Somehow the move to our new server is a bit more complicated than expected. We need an update to the new PHP-version. However, let's have a peek into the Wunderland: Scandinavia is the top topic for this week, too. Currently it still undergoes work that hardly shows the later style of the layout.

Bottom view of a staging area for Scandinavia

This is what a staging yards looks like from below.

Bottom view of a staging area for Scandinavia

Last checks on the wiring but in principle as good as nearly ready.

Bottom view of a staging area for Scandinavia

Once it is flipped over and built in, it can be home to 20 danish trains.

The benchwork for Scandinavia

The plywood sheets with the 1:1 drawings are already taken off the benchwork since the risers are all drawn in. This marks the end of the preliminary work and it's the turn of the electronic guys. At the same time the bases for the water areas are built.

A pylon for the suspension bridge in Scandinavia

Our colleague Stefan measures 1.78 meters (5.8 ft), the pylone carrying the bridge over real water is taller...

Danish staging area under construction

Denmark once again. Wolfgang is at his favorite job: laying track.

Danish staging area under construction

Here he nails down and solders the tracks for a large station in the Danish part of the Scandinavian section.

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