Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

02.08.04 at 14:39 hrs

Weekly Report No 196, CW 31

From Monday, 26.07.2004 to Sunday, 01.08.2004
Yep, we have to make it clear: we don't just work on actual projects but also on our mile-long to-do list of not yet realized ideas. There are topics like space shuttle, model railroad in the Speicherstadt, and helicopter. Furthermore, we throw a quick glance to Scandinavia where the scene is changing more and more for the viewer...
The SAR 71 in the Hamburg section

This scene is dedicated to a very special helicopter. For many years, SAR 71 was in service in Hamburg and saved a lot of lives during it's service. The shock came Thursday, 03/14.2002: The bird capsized 9 minutes after take-off and cost the lives of a 5-man crew.

The SAR 71 in the Hamburg section

In memory of this legend of teh Hamburg Rescue Service, we build a scenario in our Hamburg part. More information can be found on the inofficial homepage: SAR 71

The space shuttle in the American section

The space shuttle is back at the launch pad with a new steel wire and can be launched by pressing the action button at the layout's railing. If this wire also breaks, we'll have to think the concept over and start out from scratch.

The water basin under test conditions

Trend calculations prognosed that we can assure the keep of the real water part, if we will be able to secure the thrown-in 1€ coins from thieves. How, and if we can control the problem of "coin-inserts", is heavily thought over at this time.

The water basin under test conditions

Those who professionally doubt, state that the in- and outlets of the basin are not yet tested enough (the first mop-up job is already done) but the team works on this problem...

The miniature Speicherstadt in the Hamburg section

Another highlight is up and running: In the Speicherstadt, the Mini-Miniatur Wunderland had it's openening ceremony and the ICE-trains in scale 1/900 purrs around (of course also showing the day/night rythm of the real Wunderland) as reaction of a push button.

The dust protecting wall

The protecting wall is up. It is used to protect the existing layout from dust and dirt resulting from the works on the new Scandinavian part.

Preparations for Scandinavia

The preps for the benchwork are under way. Most important novelty: the legs of the layout part with real water will directly be placed on the concrete floor to prevent warping of the benchwork.

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