Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

19.07.04 at 07:51 hrs

Weekly Report No 194, CW 29

From Monday, 12.07.2004 to Sunday, 18.07.2004
The summer break with extended opeing times from from 8 am to 8pm doesn't leave much room to make real progress. This is why we decided to finish some older "construction sites" before setting up the scandinavian benchwork and tackling the big heaps. During the next week, the protecting walls will be built, enabling us to demolish the brick walls in the old bistro area.
Scandinavian plans

We got three parcels (ok, rather grown-up packets, the postman nearly broke his spine) from the south. Yep, correctly guessed: the plans for Scandinavia are here, and after the ordered material (wood and steel) has been delivered, we can go ahead...

Piers for the real-water part of this section

Meanwhile, the carpenters run extensive tests. This is a pier for the real-water part.

A lock

Also interesting and shown in the exhibition area:

The basic form for the lock

the basic form for the functional lock.

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